Most relationships fail not because of the absence of love but because one person loves too much and the other loves too little.

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23 Jul +reblog


As a reminder during these last days of Ramadan let’s keep Gaza in our prayers insha’allah.



[Photo by 18MR volunteer paperpigasus.]

This life will end..
Allah is watching us and angels are writing what we are doing..
runta ii sheeg, just tell me the truth wallahi i won’t be mad
somali hooyo proverb right before she traps you in 50 years of mistrust (via hargeisayachtclub)


do you ever get into a mood where you feel like your constantly on the verge of crying

I miss Allah, but I’m the one that went missing.
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I have done horrible things
and displeased Him.
I have wronged my soul
through all my sins.

And yet He lets me
stay in this world
giving me blessings
I don’t even deserve.

Then how can someone
not be grateful to Him,
The All-Merciful, Ar-Rahim?